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4 Similarities Between Seeding Warm-Season Grass and Cool-Season Grass

Maybe you’re experiencing the first growing season in your new home with a Fescue lawn. Or you could finally be switching over to a grass type that has a maintenance level more your speed. Whatever the case, you’re searching for the best way to...

Five Years of Fescue Grass Care

By Mike Kephart, Guest Blogger and Super-Sod Sales Enablement

For all of my 30 plus years working with turfgrass, in all the places we've lived, it’s been warm-season lawns except the five years when we lived in the Kansas City area.

Our home...

Post-Storm Lawn Cleanup & Care

Recently, the Southeast was ravaged by Hurricane Irma as she transformed from a category 5 hurricane to a tropical storm, leaving a variety of damage in her wake. We recognize that the tragedy reaches far beyond debris-filled lawns, and our...

3 Differences Between Warm- and Cool-Season Grass Seed

If you just relocated to a new house with an unfamiliar lawn, congratulations on that big decision! However, you may be switching care requirements from warm season to cool season grass or vice versa.  Super-Sod experts regularly answer questions...

URGENT Disease Alert: Bipolaris

We're getting questions about Bipolaris right now. Here are bullet points for diagnosis and action on this August disease alert.

Super-Sod Coaches in Action: Daniel White & Nathan Tart

We know that Super-Sod team members are ardent turfgrass experts. However, we love exploring their passions that are separate from sod. Meet a couple of coaches who make those around them smile in the office and on the field.

Up Your Curb Appeal in 2 Weeks: Laying your own sod

If you’re looking for instant impact, sod installation is your answer.

Why Laying Your Own Sod Is Your Next Saturday Project

If you’ve watched a crew of landscapers tossing around sod rolls with astonishing synchronization, you may be intimidated by the thought of transforming your lawn by yourself.

Summer Mowing for Warm Season Grasses: Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede

The summer solstice on June 22 officially ushered in the warmest of seasons, and the thick Southern humidity has once again reminded us how grateful we are for Willis Carrier.

Super-Sod Breaks Ground on Store in Mooresville, North Carolina

Super-Sod prepares for the fall opening of a new retail store in Mooresville, North Carolina, just north of Charlotte.

Super-Sod Welcomes Mike Kephart as Sales Enablement

During spring 2017, Super-Sod welcomed a new team member to coach, guide, and inspire with the best sales techniques.

Pre-Emergent, Post-Emergent, and Weed & Feed: What’s the difference?

Weeds can haunt even the most meticulously maintained lawn. Luckily, the list of herbicides available for homeowners is extensive. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to decipher the difference in products. We’re here to help you differentiate...