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Wire Hawk Revolutionizes Boundary Wire Installation

Wire Hawk Revolutionizes Boundary Wire Installation

Our robotic lawn mower program director, Nick Sagnella is always searching for better ways to do things.

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Wire Hawk installation is easy and quick! Wire Hawk protects wires from breaks - saving time, expense, mower downtime and a lot of headaches. 

Because of his hands-on experience, Nick quickly found that the most common problem among robotic lawn mower installations was the challenging process of running wires across driveways. On top of that hassle, once installed the wires were accidentally being broken during routine lawn maintenance (namely edging) requiring repetition of the difficult wire installation process.

Solving The Problem

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Robotic Lawn Mower Program Director at Super-Sod, Nick Sagnella developed the Wire Hawk to solve a problem for customers and to improve installation for his team.  

Nick noticed that the majority of these accidental breaks were occurring when customers edged their lawn next to the concrete driveways and pathways. Where the wire crosses concrete, it would often be cut by the edger. A broken wire means downtime for the customer’s robotic mower and interruption of it’s efficient daily mowing.

To prevent these accidental breaks, the robotic mower install teams began drilling into the concrete and connecting wires 4” deep into the concrete.

However, this method of drilling and making new connections became time consuming and caused damage to expensive equipment. One time they nearly ruined a $200 drill! There had to be a better way.

Strong. Simple. Effective.

Wirehawk_withtagAfter several prototypes and plenty of testing, the Wire Hawk was invented. Nick crafted these steel wings to improve installation of wires through expansion joints in concrete and protect them from breaks. It now takes 30 seconds to install the Wire Hawk, when it used to take 15 minutes. Faster, easier, stonger and cost-effective - this is definitely the better way!

what's in a name?

Nick named it Wire Hawk because of the obvious resemblance to a bird's wing; a strong, protective wing that shelters your boundary wires from being broken.

The heavy steel protects all types of boundary wires - from robotic lawn mowers to electric dog fences. Wire Hawk fits perfectly within standard expansion joints for a fast and easy install and peace of mind. With Wire Hawk, accidental wire breaks are a costly thing of the past.

Curious to learn more? Click the red button below to watch a video showing you how quick and easy it is to install.


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Wire Hawk patent pending.

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