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Weather Change Alert for Your Lawn

Weather Change Alert for Your Lawn

We’ve had so much rain during May and June 2018 that we've hardly had to think about irrigation (especially if a TifTuf lawn is in play). Plus the temps have been relatively tolerable, for the South - upper 80 degree temps aren't that hot for our area. 

Looking at the forecast for the next 15 days, conditions are about to change. It's going to get hotter - we see 95 to 99 in most areas - and possibly drier.

Here's your heads up to set your sprinklers/irrigation to turn "on" this week and to start mowing with dedicated regularity.

Why exactly, you wonder?


Regarding the Reminder to Water

Up and down water stress can trigger a disease known as bipolaris. Days where moisture stays on the leaves (like we just had) then a period where the ground dries out (like we are concerned may happen this week) are a recipe for this disease. We have all the products needed to treat bipolaris, including the right fertilizer. 

Bipolaris id close up
Bipolaris Identification: Look for purplish brown to black spots with tan centers.

High nitrogen fertilizer, low potassium fertilizer, coupled with scalping of a lawn are other triggers for the disease. Which leads us to talk about . . . 


Regarding the Reminder to Regularly Mow Your Lawn

The heat is going to cause warm season grasses, particularly Bermuda, to surge in growth. You are going to need to mow your yard more frequently for the next few weeks. We're asking you to mow it regularly, so you don't scalp it.

Look up the best mow height and frequency for your lawn here >>

Scalping when mowing is a Bipolaris Trigger Condition.

Avoid the Bipolaris Blues

Automower® robot stays in motion clipping off snippets of grass - with this constant clipping, damage from scalping is eliminated and stress from water loss is reduced. What Automower® will do for you:

  • Amazes by keeping a perfect lawn; better quality than any human can achieve
  • Creates a healthier lawn
  • Mows 24/7 in rain or shine
  • Gives you more free time

Discover more about Automower® by clicking this link.


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