Water as You Lay Your Sod

Hand water sod as you are laying it down. No piece of freshly cut sod should be down for more than 30 minutes without getting water. This is especially important during these hot summer months, but don't neglect it when it's cooler out either.

We can't stress watering enough. New sod is highly perishable and will die if it dries out.

water sod as you go

Watering sod is a great job for our little helpers!

Water Again When Done

As soon as installation is complete (SAME DAY!), thoroughly water your new lawn to establish moisture in the sod layer and the soil underneath it. Here are our tips on Watering New Sod.

If you are laying a lot of sod, water the area you've finished as you move on to the next area. Use common gardening sense: sod is perishable and will die if it dries out. Yes, we said it again!

Watering Your New Sod

For approximately 2 weeks after installation, keep your new sod wet like a sponge until new roots form. Read further about Watering New Sod.

Robotic mowers help conserve moisture because they don't shock out the lawn. Interested in using less water and energy? Click "Learn More" in the image.

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