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It's too late to apply pre-emergent herbicides to stop spring and summer weeds from germinating. The weed seeds have already germinated, even if you can't see them. Weed and Feed products at this time are a waste of money.

Spring and Summer (now) are the seasons when post-emergent weed control comes into play. Call us for products!

Keep your lawn mowed to prevent weeds from flowering, forming seeds, and germinating all over again. Regular mowing will help to stop the weed cycle.

The Truth: Hand weeding is a viable option. It's safe/organic, it's decent exercise, and it's meditative "alone time" (nobody will interrupt you while you're weeding - they want you to get it done!). Hand weeding is also a way to employ the children in your family and neighborhood who want some pocket change.

Mulch is amazing at controlling weeds in flower/shrub beds. Call us to order mulch and pine straw.


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