• Time to Aerate and Compost-Topdress your warm season lawn (Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, St. Augustine) with Soil3.
  • It is the wrong time to compost-topdress Tall Fescue; it's topdressed in the fall.
  • Organic Lawn Care: Soil3 is OMRI Listed certified organic compost and is safe for your family, pets, and the environment.
  • Fertilizer: Topdressing with Soil3 counts as 1 fertilizer application for the year.
  • Disease Suppression: Studies show that because compost introduces beneficial microorganisms into the soil, topdressing with compost reduces disease outbreaks in lawns.
  • Boost the Soil for a Healthy Lawn: Aeration boosts soil quality by allowing oxygen, water, and compost to permeate the root zone. Soil3 compost boosts soil by adding organic matter to improve soil structure and improve the water holding capacity (organic mater improves drainage in clay soils and helps slow down drainage in sandy soils).
  • For best results aerate with a core aerator at the same time you topdress with Soil3 compost.
  • Learn more in this Video: Topdressing Existing Sod with Soil3.


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