Elite Tall Fescue overseeding
This Elite Tall Fescue lawn is overseeded every autumn.


As the weather cools, it's time to plant Elite Tall Fescue sod and seed. It's Fescue Time!

Here are your Elite Tall Fescue Lawn Care tips for October. The pre-emergent vs. post-emergent herbicide topic at any time of year takes study, thought, and practical experience and we address it regarding Tall Fescue in two bullet points below. If you have further questions about herbicide use on your lawn, please don't hesitate to call us.

  • Our Blue Tag Certified Elite Tall Fescue seed is in stock. It's a blend of three types that we hand selected as the best for the South. Read all about it here.
  • Lay Tall Fescue sod now! It's grown with same superior seed blend as above. Request a Free Sod Quote.
  • PRE-emergent Herbicide on Fescue: If you are about to plant Fescue seed, omit pre-emerge herbicide. If you have an established Fescue lawn and have no intention whatsoever of overseeding, then it's time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide.
  • POST-emergent Herbicide on NEW Fescue: If you planted a brand new Fescue lawn from seed and in the process tilled up the existing soil, you've likely kicked up weed seeds with the tiller and exposed them to light (light is one of the factors that causes seeds to germinate). The seeds are probably now germinating and you're worried about the weeds alongside your Fescue seedlings. Here's a rule of thumb: it's okay to apply a post-emergent herbicide (such as Trimec) labeled for use on Tall Fescue lawns after you've mowed your new lawn twice. It's time to mow your lawn at a 2.5-3" cut height when the seedlings reach 3-4" tall. In fact, mowing will promote growth (both root and shoot growth)! So don't be timid. Mow it.
  • Aerating Existing Fescue Lawns using Soil3: Aerating improves established Fescue lawns by increasing air, water, and nutrient availability in the root zone of your lawn. Use a core aerator and for best results spread a 1/4" layer of Soil3 organic compost first, then aerate. Don't aerate a newly sodded Fescue lawn because it's not rooted and it will be torn up in the process.
  • Fertilize Fescue Lawns: Stop in to pick up fertilizer for Elite Tall Fescue lawns.
  • Along with fertilization, you may need to apply limestone to neutralize the pH of your soil. Optimal soil pH is critical for your grass to be able to uptake the important nutrients supplied by your fertilizer. Take a soil test to determine if your soil needs lime. We have lime in stock.
  • Continue to mow your Fescue lawn at 2.5" to 3" cutting height.

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