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The Fall season is upon us and it's time for Tall Fescue! You can have green all year with your TifTuf Bermuda lawn too. Curious how? Keep reading.

Read our October Lawn Tips or watch the Lawn Tips Live video, recorded at our store in Mooresville, North Carolina.


It's Tall Fescue Time!

It's time to overseed with our blend of dark green, disease-resistant, and drought-tolerant Tall Fescue varieties. Read why our Elite Tall Fescue seed is the best Tall Fescue seed for the Southeastern region. Our stores have seed package deals in stock that include seed, fertilizer, and lime so stop by or give them a call.

Tall Fescue is a cool season lawn recommended for zone 7a and cooler. Where's zone 7?It's roughly a line from Atlanta to Charlotte to Raleigh - so, you can successfully grow Tall Fescue in regions around those cities and northwards. Check it out on our turfgrass zone map.
  • Prepare for overseeding Tall Fescue by cleaning up your lawn and spraying out weeds with a post-emergent herbicide.
  • Caution: Don't apply fall pre-emergent herbicide if you're overseeding Tall Fescue or starting a new Tall Fescue lawn from seed. Keep scrolling for more herbicide pointers.
  • Get instant impact with Elite Tall Fescue sod, available as a single roll or in full pallets. You can now order sod online!

Elite Tall Fescue seed supersod tri-blend bag


Fall Armyworm Alert

fall_armywormsLearning how to spot Armyworms will help you solve a lot of problems with your plants (your lawn is a plant too). A customer pointed out they saw them in their trees! I have too, but was in denial about it. Please scout daily and don't ignore them. Sometimes you can even hear them chewing. Read about the other signs to look for in our Fall Armyworm article.

Warm Season Lawns

Time to let your lawn slowly go dormant over the next several months, but don't overlook these Fungicide and Pre-emergent Herbicide tips.
  • Do not fertilize or aerate warm-season lawns in the fall; wait until spring.
  • We're sure you want a weed-free lawn this winter so we're writing to remind you it's time to apply pre-emergent weed control to your established warm-season lawn. We recommend pre-emergent with no nitrogen for warm season lawns at this time of year. Stop in for a bag of pre-emergent.
  • Fungicide: Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede lawns get an application of fungicide in October (once soil temps lower to 70 degrees) to help reduce the possibility of Large Patch. Remember an ounce of prevention in the fall is cheaper and easier than curing Large Patch in the spring! Come by the store for fungicide!

Keep Mowing

  • Continue to mow your warm season lawn until it goes dormant for winter. Don't leave it long for the winter; keep it at your regular cut height for your lawn.
  • Mowing Tall Fescue Seedlings: The first time to mow your lawn (at a 2.5-3" cut height) is when the seedlings reach 3-4" tall. In fact, mowing will promote growth! So don't be timid. Mow it!
  • Now is the time to lower the mower blade for your established Tall Fescue lawn. Continue to mow as needed throughout the winter at a 2.5-3" cut height. Next summer we'll remind you to raise it up again.

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Keep Weeding

It's time for pre-emergent herbicide to stop winter weeds from germinating.

  • Now is the time to apply pre-emergent weed control to your established warm-season lawn for a weed-free lawn this winter. We recommend pre-emergent with no nitrogen for warm season lawns at this time of year. Stop in for a bag of pre-emergent.
  • Caution #1: If you're overseeding Tall Fescue or starting a new Tall Fescue lawn from seed, don't apply fall pre-emergent herbicide.
  • Caution #2:  If you're overseeding TifTuf with rye, also don't apply fall pre-emergent. Keep scrolling to learn how you can have a green TifTuf lawn all winter.
  • New to lawn care and wondering what we're talking about by pre-emergent? Learn about them by reading Pre-emergent, Post-emergent, and Weed & Feed, What's the Difference?
  • Mowing is a no-brainer for suppressing weeds. Mow to break the weed life cycle. Mowing cuts off flower/seed heads and that stops weed seeds from making more weeds. Get yourself on a weekly mowing routine and don't let the weeds get ahead of you. Better yet, a robotic lawn mower will quietly and constantly mow for you and keep the despised weeds from going to seed - It's a clean and green, weed-stopping machine! 
  • Mulch is a time-tested trick for suppressing weeds in flower beds. Spread it 2-4" thick and keep it 1-2" away from touching the trunks or stems of your plants.
  • Hand weeding is exercise! Enjoy the fall weather while you pull those weeds. I sit myself down on the ground and pull weeds while listening to podcasts.

Green All Year 🤖🌱

Do you want the look of a beautiful, green lawn all year round without all the challenges of keeping Tall Fescue looking good in the warm south?

Then overseed your TifTuf Bermudagrass with Perennial Ryegrass seed, like we do!

BenJr.4_TifTufOverseedRyeThere's a key to achieving this 👆 evergreen look: A TifTuf Bermudagrass lawn overseeded with Perennial Rye performs best when mowed by an Automower robotic lawn mower.

>>Learn how to get the look including step-by-step instructions.

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