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Late Spring Lawn Care Tips

It's time for your first application of fertilizer on your warm season lawn. If you don't aerate and compost-topdress, then use one of our fertilizer blends.

Stop fertilizing your Tall Fescue lawn for the summer; resume again in the fall. We'll let you know when.

It's becoming hot and humid, so inspect your warm-season lawn for Brown Patch and Dollar Spot diseases. We don't recommend preventative fungicide, rather treat with a fungicide when you see the problem. Better still, put good cultural practices into place now that will reduce the problem into the future. For warm-season grasses, good cultural practices mean: don't over water and don't over fertilize - this will help reduce disease problems.

Brown Patch is often a water drainage issue; correct your drainage problem.

Use our Soil3 organic compost to fix Dollar Spot damage: rake out the dead grass, topdress with Soil3, water it in. The grass will come back!

For the next three months, you will need to provide preventative fungicide to your Tall Fescue.

June is the best month for grub control.


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