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June's Lawn Tips Live was filmed at Super-Sod of Cary, NC store. Join our turfgrass expert Greg Nichols as he shares how to care for your warm and cool season lawns. Then Super-Sod's Marketing Director, Hillary Thompson, shares her knowledge about June's weed of the month, white clover.

Viewing Tip: Increase the volume and the playback speed according to your preferences. Volume control is the speaker icon on the lower left; playback speed is the gear button on the lower right.

Warm Season Lawns

Due to up and down spring temperatures, many warm season lawns are slow in coming out of dormancy this year. If your lawn is only partially greened up, don't worry, it should be glorious soon. Here are some steps to really help it pop out and be verdant in June.

  • Go ahead and fertilize your warm season lawn (Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede) even if it's not fully greened up - we are past all danger of frost and an application of fertilizer will kick start it.
  • Topdress your lawn with Soil³ compost to add natural nutrients. See more below in the topdressing section.
  • Total Lawn Food 16-4-8 + Iron is what you want for Zoysia lawns and Bermuda lawns. 
    Read the Best Times to Apply Fertilizer >>
  • Your TifBlair Centipede should be fertilized with very little fertilizer and based only on soil test results. We have our own special formulation just for it with lower nitrogen: Centipede Formulation 5-10-30 + Iron. 
    Read Fertilizer Tips for Your Centipede Lawn >>

Order Fertilizer

  • Aerate warm season lawns after they fully green up in the spring. If you have a new lawn, don't aerate until it's fully rooted - we recommend waiting until it's had one growing season to establish.
  • Mow your weeds. If you didn't apply pre-emergent in September or February to stop the weeds you're seeing now, mow those weeds down. Or, turn on your Automower robotic mower to do the mowing/weeding for you.

Topdressing Warm Season Lawns

Summer is time for topdressing your warm season lawn and Super-Sod has two topdressing products: Level Mix and Soil3 Compost.

Level Mix bucket-1New Level Mix Bucket

Level Mix is a blend of 70% sand and 30% Soil³ compost for leveling uneven lawns. The sand adds structure to even out bumps and depressions formed when driving over a lawn (example: utility work, tree trimming), from animal activity, from sports, and from natural settling. The compost adds a zap of nutrition.

  • New smaller size: 3.5 gallons
  • Scoop & lid included
  • Price: $19.99
  • Refills: $9.99
  • Need more than a bucket? We'll deliver a lot more LEVEL MIX for $199.99 in a cubic yard BigYellowBag.

Buckets are in limited supply; offer good while supplies last.
Call 1-888-360-1125 to reserve yours for pickup.


Mini Cubes in a car-1

Soil3 Mini Cube Sale

This deal is for our Soil³ compost - the ingredient that adds nutrition in our Level Mix. It's for adding organic matter to soils for growing veggies, flowers, trees/shrubs, laying new sod, and for topdressing lawns.

  • 1 cubic foot per Mini Cube - this deal is for 4 cubic feet for the price of 3
  • Price: $44.97 (was $59.96)
  • Need more than a Mini? We'll deliver a lot more Soil³ for $199.99 in a cubic yard BigYellowBag.

Mini Cube offer good online only. Schedule pick up at your local Super-Sod by clicking this red button

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Here

What's the big diff in the two types of topdressing?

The technique with Level Mix adds structure to make it level; the one that's just Soil³ adds natural nutrition, beneficial microorganisms, and improves the ground for plant root growth. We have several articles about the topic:

>>> Compost Topdressing vs. Leveling Topdressing

>>> How to Topdress and Level a Lawn

>>> Soil3 Compost Topdressing as a Fertilizer Application

click to learn about returning empty BigYellowBags for charity 

Tall Fescue

  • With warmer weather ramping up, it's time to apply Headway G fungicide for your tall fescue lawns. Order fungicide online for curbside pickup or direct shipment.
    >> Read about fungicide on Tall Fescue
    Order Headway G Fungicide
  • Raise your mower height: If you cut it at 2.5-3" high over the winter, it's time to raise it to 3-3.5" for the warm months ahead.
  • Stop fertilizing Tall Fescue lawns for spring and summer (this, too, will resume in autumn).
  • However, it's still okay to apply lime to neutralize the pH of your soil. Always take a soil test to confirm if you need to apply lime or fertilizer.
  • The window has closed for planting Tall Fescue sod & seed. To successfully plant Tall Fescue, wait until autumn.

Mower Tips

  • Mowing Height: There is a healthy range for each type of lawn. Do you know the best height for your lawn?
    >> Read Summer Mowing for Warm Season Grasses
  • Mowing works well for suppressing weeds you see now. Mow to break the weed life cycle. Mowing cuts off flower/seed heads and that stops weed seeds from making more weeds. Get yourself on a weekly mowing routine and don't let the weeds get ahead of you. Better yet, a robotic lawn mower will quietly and constantly mow for you and keep the despised weeds from going to seed - It's a clean, green, mowing & weed-stopping machine! 

Keep Weeding
All Lawns

  • POST-Emergent herbicide: Is applied directly to existing, visible weeds to kill them once they have already sprouted. At this time, the best method to combat weeds is to mow now and to plan ahead for winter by applying pre-emergents in September. Sign up for Lawn Coach and we'll mail you pre-emergent at the right time
  • Thick Mulch suppresses weeds in flower beds. Spread bark or pine straw 2-4" thick and keep it 1-2" away from touching the trunks or stems of your plants. 
  • Hand Weeding - I know it's muggy out, but hand weeding works and is doesn't cost anything if you do it yourself.
    Order Post-Emergent Herbicide Here

June's Weed of the Month

white clover

There are many types of clover, but white clover is the common clover in lawns throughout the South.  

>>> Learn About White Clover

JUNE Lawn Tips


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