Here's your summer dose of monthly Southeastern lawn care tips from the Super-Sod team.

It's wet. Lawns are growing tall. We're going to get right to it with our June Lawn Tips featuring . . .  

Special Wet Weather Lawn Tips 


The grass is growing like crazy, but the very rain that's making it grow is also making it difficult to get out there with the mower. Here are two tips:
  • Prioritize mowing when conditions are safe. Keep your lawn mowed so it doesn't get too tall. If it's tall, mow higher than typical and gradually bring the height down - this will prevent scalping
  • Get an Automower robot lawn mower to do the job for you! It can still mow in the rain.

Disease Alerts - Due to Wet, Humid Weather

  • We are getting calls about Dollar Spot on warm season lawns. This is easy to treat with an application of fertilizer because Dollar Spot is a disease caused by low fertility. We have 16-4-8 + Iron in stock, but if you have something with Nitrogen (example: the first number in, say, a bag of 10-10-10) go ahead and apply that. Note: Dollar Spot is rarely ever seen on Centipede lawns.
    See Dollar Spot pictures here >>
  • Brown patch is appearing on Tall Fescue. If you've had problems with this disease in the past, commit to a monthly habit of applying fungicide throughout the growing season. Opposite to Dollar Spot above, Brown Patch can be augmented by too much fertility, so back off on fertilizer if you're seeing it. We sell fungicide products. 
    See Brown Patch pictures here >>
  • Scout your Zoysia for brown patch and apply as necessary.



General June Lawn Tips

Summer Insect Control

  • June is the month for grub controlCome by for products!

Fertilization & Mowing for Warm Season Lawns

  • It's time for fertilizer on warm season lawns (Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede). If you don't aerate and compost-topdress with Soil3 organic compost, then use one of our fertilizer blends. 
    Learn about the best practices for fertilizing your lawn >>

    • Our Total Lawn Food 16-4-8 + Iron is what you want for Zenith/Leisure Time/Emerald/Zeon Zoysia lawns and TifTuf/TifGrand/TifwayBermuda lawns.
    • Your TifBlair Centipede should be fertilized with very little fertilizer. We have our own special formulation just for it with lower nitrogen: Centipede Formulation 5-10-30 + Iron. 
  • Keep warm season grasses mowed short during the summer.
    See summer mowing tips and proper mowing heights >>

Fertilization & Mowing for Elite Tall Fescue Lawns

Summer Weed Control

  • It's too late to apply pre-emergent herbicides to stop spring and summer weeds from germinating. The weed seeds have already germinated. Weed and Feed products at this time are a waste of money

  • Spring and summer are the seasons when post-emergent weed control comes into play. Come by for products!

  • This is a crossover-topic tip - Like we mentioned above, keep your lawn mowed to prevent weeds from flowering, forming seeds, and germinating all over again. Regular mowing will help to stop the weed cycle. Keep Tall Fescue tall, but mow warm season grasses short. 
    Learn how Husqvarna Automower® can help you achieve a perfect lawn >>18.40.SS.AutoMower970x250

  • Try hand weeding - a safe/organic option that will burn some calories.

  • Mulch is amazing at controlling weeds in flower/shrub beds. Our Atlanta Farmers Market (Forest Park) and Marietta stores carry bulk mulch.

Lime - it's like fertilizer, but it's not. It raises the soil pH so plant roots can better take up available nutrients.

More Lawn Care Tips

  • Do you have a bumpy, uneven lawn? Use our Level Mix to create a smooth lawn without dips and bumps. Applying sand/compost is often necessary to smooth newly established lawns, especially to help prevent scalping of higher sections. For this purpose we created Level Mix and deliver 1 cubic yards of it in the familiar BigYellowBag.
    See how to level create an even lawn with Level Mix >>

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