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Hydration Alert

Hydration Alert

Water, Water, Water!

We are already experiencing the hottest and driest season that has been seen in 3 years. 

Yet . . . we've been spoiled by an abundance of rain and many folks have been slow to turn their irrigation systems back on. Chop, chop.

It's time to turn your irrigation back on.

  • Your turf possibly hasn't had a chance to put down deep roots since the wet winter. Please turn your irrigation on to run tomorrow morning.
  • Most efficient time to water is early in the morning, before sunrise. This time-frame reduces water loss due to evaporation and allows more water to reach the roots, yet it promotes drying of the leaves early in the day.
  • Don't water in the evening - you don't want water sitting on the leaves all night. That's a good way to cause diseases to flourish. 
  • Most grasses need 1" of water per week. Get back in that routine and read up on our instruction about How and When to Water Your Lawn.
  • Weekly watering can help prevent serious lawn problems like bare spots, yellowing, dormancy, lawn diseases such as bipolaris, and a bad case of the uglies. 


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