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  • topdressing current flower and shrub beds

  • digging new holes

  • filling raised beds and containers

  • getting your vegetable gardens in shape

  • topdressing lawns.

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Winter Weeding Tips

Forsythia is the Signal! 

Forsythia signals it's time to apply pre-emergent herbicide because the soil is the right temperature. 

What's a Forsythia? It's that bush with yellow flowers that typically flowers in the middle of February.

The rule of thumb is to apply spring pre-emergent herbicide when Forsythia starts blooming. That's why every year we say, "Forsythia is the signal."

In a typical year, if you don't have a Forsythia bush to signal you, apply pre-emergent between February 15th and March 1st to kill weeds before you even see them. Any later than that window and it's too late to kill weeds with a pre-emergent herbicide (you'll have to switch to a post-emergent to apply directly to the weeds).


Forsythia in bloom is a welcome early sign of spring - and lets you know it is time to apply pre-emergent to your lawn.

Keep Weeding

Come by to stock up on pre-emergent. Forsythia will be blooming before you know it!

  • Mowing is a no-brainer for suppressing weeds. Mow to break the weed life cycle. Mowing cuts off flower/seed heads and that stops weed seeds from making more weeds. Get yourself on a weekly mowing routine and don't let the weeds get ahead of you. Better yet, a robotic lawn mower will quietly and constantly mow for you and keep the despised weeds from going to seed - It's a clean and green, weed-stopping machine! 
  • Mulch is a time-tested trick for suppressing weeds in flower beds. Spread it 2-4" thick and keep it 1-2" away from touching the trunks or stems of your plants.
  • Pre-emergent Herbicide: Prep to apply pre-emergent herbicide between February 15th and March 1st to kill spring and summer weeds before they germinate (hence, pre-emergent). When the yellow-flowered Forsythia shrub is in bloom, it's again time for pre-emergent.
    • Pre-emergent herbicide for Elite Tall Fescue lawns: Prepare to apply pre-emergent to help create a weed-resistant barrier. We have this in stock.
    • Pre-emergent herbicide for Warm Season lawns (Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede): Prepare to a pre-emergent WITHOUT nitrogen fertilizer as it's too early to fertilize warm season turf. We have this in stock.
  • Post-emergent Herbicide: Is an herbicide applied directly to existing, visible weeds to kill them once they have already sprouted. We stock post-emergent herbicides to apply directly to weeds that you can see now, such as henbit and dandelions.


spreader on grass

Yellow Spreader

This high quality spreader can be picked up at our store for $129.99.

It's for spreading granular products like fertilizer, lime, and herbicides.

We have developed a settings guide for our yellow spreader.


Warm Season Lawns

Not much going on here!
  • Do not fertilize or aerate warm-season lawns in the winter; wait until spring after the grass has greened up again.
  • Avoid "weed and feed" and "winterizer" marketing. Whatever you do, don't apply nitrogen this time of year when your warm season lawn is dormant. We stock the proper pre-emergents for the "weed" part and come back in April for the "feed" part.
  • Apply herbicide, per instructions above.

Tall Fescue Lawn Tips

  • Fertilize Existing Fescue Lawns: Stop in to pick up 16-4-8 fertilizer for spreading on established Elite Tall Fescue lawns through the cool growing season.
  • Along with fertilization, you may need to apply lime to neutralize the pH of your soil. Always take a soil test to confirm if you need to apply lime or fertilizer. Balanced soil pH is critical for your grass to be able to use the nutrients supplied by your fertilizer.
  • Topdress Fescue Lawns with Soil3. Why Soil3? It's organic humus compost that qualifies for certified organic lawn care, plus it adds nutrients and beneficial microorganisms for a stronger, healthier, greener lawn. We'll deliver it in a 1 cubic yard BigYellowBag (on sale now!).
  • We recommend renting our compost spreader to make the job easier. Rental options are listed below. Learn everything about topdressing with this video.

Mowing Tall Fescue

  • Mowing Tall Fescue Seedlings: The first time to mow your new lawn (at a 2.5-3" cut height) is when the seedlings reach 3-4" tall. In fact, mowing will promote growth! So don't be timid. Mow it!
  • Automower: Automower robotic lawn mowers now come in a high cut version.
  • Continue to mow your established Tall Fescue lawn as needed throughout the winter at 2.5-3" cut height.

The window has closed for seeding Elite Tall Fescue lawns, but it's still wide open for laying Elite Tall Fescue sod! Contact your local store for a quote.

compost spreader video thumbnail-286157-edited

Compost Topdressing Fescue with Soil

Now's the time to topdress Fescue with compost. Our compost provides natural nutrients to your grass while improving the ground it grows in.

We rent two different types of spreader. Not sure which is for you? >> Choose a compost spreader

Call us at 888-360-1125 to reserve a spreader at your local Super-Sod.tall fescue lawn tips topdressing a lawn fall armyworm alert keep weeding warm season lawns customize your robot (1)



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