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Red Alert: High Chance of Disease on Warm Season Lawns

Red Alert: High Chance of Disease on Warm Season Lawns


Picture of Spring Dead Spot Fungus in a Warm Season Lawn
Spring Dead Spot Fungus: Slightly off color now, but if left untreated this spot will be dead in the spring. Apply preventative fungicide ASAP. 


High Chance of Fungal Disease on Warm Season Lawns Right Now and in the Spring
Due to an unusually wet autumn, we're seeing more diseases on warm season lawns than we've ever seen. More wet weather is in the forecast.

Fungal Tips for Warm Season Lawns

  • Even if you've already applied a preventative fungicide on your warm season lawn, please do so again IMMEDIATELY. With all this rain, it's likely the efficacy has been reduced by leaching.
  • You name the fungal disease, and it's out there now: Rhizoctonia (all the "patch" diseases), Pythium Blight, Bipolaris, and even Dollar Spot.
  • With at least 3 full weeks of rain and cloudy skies in October and early November, it's been the perfect storm for fungal disease problems in the Southeast.
  • The fungi that show up now to cause visible damage are present and active, but so are the fungi that cause the damage that shows up in the spring during green-up. This is yet another reason to apply preventative fungicide RIGHT NOW.
Our message is simple: Apply Preventative Fungicide ASAP!



Picture of Large Patch Disease on a Lawn
Here's an example of large patch taken by our own in-house specialist, Tim Bowyer, Ph.D. in early October. Fungal disease problems have increased during this last week of rain.


Picture of large patch disease in a lawn
Another picture of large patch (Rhizoctonia).




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