Topdressing of turf could mean one of two techniques.

One meaning is compost-topdressing with a very thin layer of compost to provide nutrients. To learn about compost-topdressing, follow this link offsite to our Soil3 product page: Topdressing with Soil3.

The other meaning of topdressing is to level sod, that's why we're calling it leveling-topdressing. This is when a thick layer (no more than 1/2 of the blade height) of sand or topsoil is spread over turf with the intention of improving the surface texture of the land under the turf - to even out bumps and depressions. The goal of topdressing like this is to create a smooth playing surface, commonly done on sports field and golf courses, and is often necessary to smooth newly established home and commercials lawns. Topdressing for evening out turf requires a thicker layer of topdressing material (compared with compost-topdressing as a fertilizer application).

Stay tuned for more details as we develop a new Soil3 product especially for leveling-topdressing!


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