This Super-Sod employee’s passion draws attention to the ordinary and helps him keep the store “in focus.”

shows Ramzy Ruiz
 Ramzy Ruiz works at Super-Sod of Cary helping customers but also uses his time at the store to capture a new perspective on the turgrass business behind the lens of a camera.

As a recent addition to the Super-Sod team, Ramzy Ruiz began his work at Super-Sod of Cary in early March 2017, but it didn’t take him long to bring his outside passions into the workplace.

His photography hobby has shed light on the everyday beauty of a store — from walk-in customers to inventory to the natural surroundings of the office.

Recently, Ramzy posted some of his photographs on an employee conversation board and revealed his hidden talent to Super-Sod employees in The Triangle and beyond. We were blown away by his attention to detail and recognition of beauties we often overlook. Naturally, we tracked him down to learn more about Ramzy’s hidden talent.

Ramzy has held a passion for art since a young age. “Drawing, painting sculpting. You name it, I’m into it!” Ramzy said. His appreciation for art and creating it led him to an interest in photography.

“Photography was just another branch on the tree for me. Know what I mean?”

Though he has always enjoyed taking pictures of friends and family, Ramzy didn’t begin to focus on the quality of his photos until the summer after his high school graduation in 2013.

As he saves for a better camera, Ramzy uses his iPhone 5s to capture photos in his free time and edits them with Photo Edit on his desktop computer. Though he doesn’t have a DSLR camera, Ramzy is a testament to the statement “the best camera is the one you have with you.”

He draws inspiration from an extensive list of abstract artists, including John Romita McFarlane, Picasso and Keith Haring. Miguel Ángel Ruiz Matute and Leonora Carrington are just two artists on Ramzy’s list of inspiring Latina American artists as well.

Ramzy strives to take photos with both a rustic and elegant theme.

“I like a variety of subjects, but my favorite settings are always industrial or nature. Sometimes both in the same picture,” he said.

Ramzy’s all-time favorite photos below capture his unique perspective on natural beauty in an industrial world.

shows one of Ramzy Ruiz's favorite photos he has taken
shows Ramzy Ruiz's favorite photo he has taken

Eventually Ramzy would like to turn his afinity for art into a source of income.

“Art is a big passion of mine. It would be really cool if I was able to do that,” Ramzy said.

In the meantime, Ramzy helps customers at Super-Sod of Cary with information about products and deals with transactions over the phone and on the sales floor. He even lends a hand by assisting customers as they load their purchases if needed.

Amongst the bustle of the busy spring season, Ramzy has captured some insightful shots of life around the Cary store. Check out his photography below.

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Image uploaded from iOS (3).jpg Image uploaded from iOS copy.jpg  Image uploaded from iOS (2).jpg super sod 4.jpg
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IMG_7745 (1).jpg
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