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Allison Fortner

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Similarities between warm and cool season grass seeding.jpg

4 Similarities Between Seeding Warm-Season Grass and Cool-Season Grass

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Post-Hurricane clean-up infographic.jpg

Post-Storm Lawn Cleanup & Care

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3 differences between warm season and cool season

3 Differences Between Warm- and Cool-Season Grass Seed

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combined nathan and daniel pic.jpg

Super-Sod Coaches in Action: Daniel White & Nathan Tart

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freshly installed sod roll.jpg

Up Your Curb Appeal in 2 Weeks: Laying your own sod

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sod installation day

Why Laying Your Own Sod Is Your Next Saturday Project

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grass height ruler mow height.jpg

Summer Mowing for Warm Season Grasses: Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede

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Super-Sod Breaks Ground on Store in Mooresville, North Carolina

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Super-Sod Welcomes Mike Kephart as Sales Enablement

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herbicide assortment.jpg

Pre-Emergent, Post-Emergent, and Weed & Feed: What’s the difference?

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5-10-30 website.jpg

Fertilizer Tricks for your TifBlair Centipede Lawn

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Super-Sod of Marietta and Super-Sod of Forest Park Renovate Sod Plots

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