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August's Lawn Tips Live was filmed at our Super-Sod of Middle Georgia store in Fort Valley. Heather Virden introduces the show and Jesse Milner and Brandon Eubanks join her to share how to care for your warm and cool season lawns. Then Super-Sod's Marketing Director, Hillary Thompson, shares her knowledge about our August weed of the month, Goosegrass.

Viewing Tip: Increase the volume and the playback speed according to your preferences. Volume control is the speaker icon on the lower left; playback speed is the gear button on the lower right.

It's Still Summer Y'all! 🌞

This picture of a backyard floating tee box makes me want to grab my clubs! Isn't this a neat idea? Our Zoysia customer in North Carolina sent it to us.

Emerald Zoysia floating Tee box Tracy Stewart-2-1

Fertilizing Warm Season Lawns

  • This is the last month to apply fertilizer to your warm season lawn.
  • Total Lawn Food 16-4-8 + Iron is what you want for Bermuda lawns and this time of year we recommend the lower nitrogen formulation of 5-10-30 + Iron for Zoysia lawns.
    Read the Best Times to Apply Fertilizer >>
  • We now have 5-10-30 + Iron + Acelepryn for control of fall armyworms and grubs. With the low nitrogen (the 5 in 5-10-30), this fertilizer is safe for all warm seasons lawns and even Tall Fescue this time of year. More about fall armyworms in our alert below.
  • Fertilize your TifBlair Centipede with very little fertilizer and based only on soil test results. We have our own special formulation just for it with lower nitrogen: Centipede Formulation 5-10-30 + Iron. 
    Read Fertilizer Tips for Your Centipede Lawn >>
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Fall Armyworm Alert

They are on the march now! Learn the signs, scout daily, and act quickly if you see them. Read what to look for in our Fall Armyworm article.

Are you like us and would rather go the preventative route? We stock 5-10-30 fertilizer, plus Acelepryn insecticide, for preventative control of fall armyworms and grubs. Come by for 50 pound bags.



It's Almost Tall Fescue Time!

September will mark the beginning of Tall Fescue season. That's next month! In a few weeks the window will open to begin planting Tall Fescue sod and seed again. We'll send an email with our usual Tall Fescue Overseeding Package Deals. Stay tuned!

  • Prepare for overseeding Tall Fescue by cleaning up your lawn and spraying out weeds. This way, you'll have that task taken care of well before planting season and it won't be a last-minute problem to solve.
  • If you plan to plant Tall Fescue seed, don't apply a pre-emergent herbicide in September.

You Still Need Fungicide on Tall Fescue

Headway G fungicide is your Tall Fescue lawn's best friend during the warm, humid season ahead. To care for your Tall Fescue lawn like a pro, we recommend applying Headway G every 14-28 days during summer, coupled with 5 preventative maintenance practices.

Stop Infection and Keep it from Spreading with Headway G. We use Headway G because it has two modes of action to more thoroughly fight pathogens. Yes, it’s more expensive than what you’ll find at a big box store, but this product actually works. Other benefits:

  • Systemic protection of the whole plant: Both modes of action are systemic, meaning they work from the inside of the plant to protect the whole plant. What's found at most big box stores is contact only.
  • It goes further: One bag will cover multiple applications for the average size lawn.
  • Pro-grade: Used by golf courses and we use it in our sod production.

Order Headway G for pick up at Super-Sod or for direct shipment.

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Mower Tips

  • Mowing Height: There is a healthy range for each type of lawn. Do you know the best height for your lawn?
    >> Look up the mowing height for your grass here

  • Mowing works well for suppressing weeds you see now. Mow to break the weed life cycle. Mowing cuts off flower/seed heads and that stops weed seeds from making more weeds. Get yourself on a weekly mowing routine and don't let the weeds get ahead of you.
  • Better yet, a robotic lawn mower will quietly and constantly mow for you and keep the despised weeds from going to seed - It's a clean, green, mowing & weed-stopping machine! 

Keep Weeding
All Lawns

  • Coming Soon: In mid-September it will be time for pre-emergent herbicides to kill winter weeds before they germinate. It's not time yet. We'll let you know.
  • Apply post-emergent herbicides directly to existing, visible weeds to kill them once they have already sprouted. Right now the best method to combat weeds is to mow and to plan ahead for winter by applying pre-emergents in September (unless you're overseeding Tall Fescue, then you don't want inhibit the fescue seeds from germinating, so don't apply pre-emergent). We'll send a pre-emergent reminder next month or sign up for Lawn Coach and we'll mail you pre-emergent at the right time.
  • What Exactly is the Difference? What are pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides anyway? We explain it in our blog post, What's the Difference?
  • Pro Tip for All Herbicides: Don’t apply during the heat of the day. Apply in the morning before temperatures rise above 80 degrees.
  • Thick Mulch suppresses weeds in flower beds. Spread bark or pine straw 2-4" thick and keep it 1-2" away from touching the trunks or stems of your plants.
  • Hand Weeding - Crabgrass is rather large right now; if you haven't tackled it yet, you might need to use a weed whacker or cobra head hoe instead of hand weeding.

August Weed of the Month - Goosegrass

Goosegrass. August's featured weed is Eleusine indica aka goosegrass or silver crabgrass. We'll teach you how to identify crabgrass and what to do about this common weed in our weed blog. >>> Learn About Goosegrass



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