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September Lawn Tips

Published on September 10, 2018

Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede Tips

  • We're sure you want a weed-free lawn this winter so we're writing to remind you it's time to apply pre-emergent weed control to your established warm-season lawn. We recommend pre-emergent with no nitrogen...

Soap Flush Test for Pests (like Fall Armyworms)

Published on October 18, 2016

Soap Flush Test for Pests

A soap flush is a mixture of 3 tablespoons of liquid dish soap with 1 gallon of water. We find that lemon-scented dish soap is the most effective. Pour the mixture into a 3' x 3' area and watch the action. The soap will...

Fall Armyworms in Lawns

Published on August 22, 2014

Fall armyworms (FAW) are eating their way across lawns as we speak. We're getting calls about them in our Outlets, so if you live in the Southeast (even as far north as north Georgia and North Carolina) and love your lawn, please scout for them...