April Lawn Tips


Spring is here, and it's time to give your lawn a little more attention. Learn from our April lawn tips about how to care for your Southeastern lawn to ensure it's healthy and green for the summer!

Warm Season Lawns

  • Prepare to fertilize your warm-season lawn (Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede) after it has fully greened up. In the most southerly areas, soil temperatures are warm enough to fertilize the warm-season grasses (soil temps should be above 65 degrees). 

  • Our Total Lawn Food 16-4-8 + Iron is what you want for Zenith/Leisure Time/Emerald/Zeon Zoysia lawns and TifTuf/TifGrand/Tifway Bermuda lawns. 
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  • Your TifBlair Centipede should be fertilized with very little fertilizer. We have our own special formulation just for it with lower nitrogen: Centipede Formulation 5-10-30 + Iron. 
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  • If you need to apply Lime to raise the pH, we have conveniently packaged limestone in stock.

  • Soil Test Note: Always apply fertilizer and lime based on soil tests. You may need less than you assume! It's not expensive.

  • It's too late for pre-emergent herbicide and now spring is time for post-emergent weed controlCome by your local Super-Sod for products!

  • Try hand weeding - a safe/organic option that will burn some calories.

 Elite Tall Fescue Lawns

Spring Garden & Landscape Projects

Uses for Soil3 Compost sold in our cubic yard BigYellowBag.

  • Start seeds before you plant them outside (it's not too late!)

  • Preparing vegetable beds

  • Preparing summer annual beds

  • Container gardening - plant your summer annuals directly in Soil3

  • Prepping ground for new sod

  • Topdressing your lawn for organic lawn fertilization and to continue building good soil underneath your lawn (we rent compost spreaders)

  • Topdressing flower and shrub beds to provide nutrition and to continue improving the ground - be sure to spread a layer of mulch on top of the Soil3 compost, as mulch should be the final layer to keep weeds down and to conserve water in the ground



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